Beyond The Dice

038. Laser Corridor

March 31, 2019

Beyond The Dice is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Actual Play Podcast.

Which takes place in a Cyberpunk world with a Synthwave Soundtrack.

Cortaine takes the stairs after Banshee, attempts to throw a flash grenade. Little Moss gains the help of an UltraDai Incorporated Security Guard. Spigs makes some elevator buttons and has a martini. Some other stuff happens but I'm not typing it here you will have to listen!

Come on a journey with Luke the DM, Ben (Cortaine), Peter (Spigs) and Travis (Little Moss) to experience the world of New Ettica.


If you like Dungeons & Dragons, Cyberpunk 2077, Akira, Stranger Things, Blade Runner, hover cars and other rad stuff then you will love this.

Special Thanks to NRW Records for allowing the use of 'Crystal Protocol' by Waveshaper, "Sagittarius V" by Lucidator.

Other songs such as 'Crash, Crashed, Crashing' & 'Distant' by our DM Luke.


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