Beyond The Dice

037. Mercs VS Mechs

March 17, 2019

Beyond The Dice is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Actual Play Podcast.

Which takes place in a Cyberpunk world with a Synthwave Soundtrack.

Our Mercs chase the bad dudes all the way to ULTRADAI Incorporated Tower and commence battle with a Minotaur Mech, a Spider Tank and the Banshee! WTF is gonna happen? Listen to find out!

Come on a journey with Luke the DM, Ben (Cortaine), Peter (Spigs) and Travis (Little Moss) to experience the world of New Ettica.

Massive thanks and see you soon to Jeff! Luke and Jeff talked about starting a D&D podcast for many many years and finally they took that step together, recruiting the best of the best. 
Family is important and it's something Jeff holds dear to his heart, so if you're reading this go hug your kids, partner, mother, father, siblings or a friend!

This isn't a goodbye from Jeff, just a see you soon.

If you like Dungeons & Dragons, Cyberpunk 2077, Akira, Stranger Things, Blade Runner, hover cars and other rad stuff then you will love this.

Special Thanks to NRW Records for allowing the use of 'Crystal Protocol' by Waveshaper, "Beat Down" by Raydar.

Other songs such as 'Ranger Things' & 'Corporation' by our DM Luke.


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